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Say you’re in the food or beverage business and you want to get a lot of attention – or, even, come up with a new product that people might like. Mashing up seemingly unrelated foods and/or flavors is one strategy, like the one now at the center of Taco Bell’s breakfast push. Yes, we mean the waffle taco. And, Brookstone prepares to file for bankruptcy and be bought by Spencer (Gifts). We take a look at what did in the purveyor of massage chairs and eye-shades, and what Spencer looks like going forward. Meanwhile, the deadline for the Affordable Care Act enrollment is approaching and government officials are worried about the Latino population and their low numbers signing up.

Twitter to list which music is most tweeted about

After the failure of their music app, Twitter tries to get back in the game.
Posted In: Twitter, apps, Music, billboard

Microsoft's move to openness

In the battle between open and closed systems in tech, the open ones win market share.
Posted In: Microsoft, iPad, apple

Report: Brookstone headed for bankrupcy

The purveyor of expensive novelty gadgets is on the skids.
Posted In: brookstone, novelty retailer

What's Up Europe? Germany and Poland have mixed feelings on Russia

President Obama continues his tour of Europe.
Posted In: Europe, ukraine, Russia

CSI High: Preparing students for the job market

A town in Georgia has a unique problem. Too many skilled high school graduates and not enough jobs.
Posted In: high school, youth unemployment

Lady Gaga(s)

Marketplace Datebook for Friday, March 28, 2014

Fighting food deserts takes more than fresh produce

A California survey finds more food shops sell beer than milk.
Posted In: food deserts, grocery stores

Waffle tacos, bacon milkshakes... it's a trend!

Fast-food restaurants are mashing different foods together to expand their menus.
Posted In: fast food, food mashups, waffle taco, Taco Bell

Latinos still reluctant to sign up for Obamacare

It's up to trusted members of the Latino community to sign up enrollees.
Posted In: Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, covered california

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