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Health reporter Gregory Warner explores the debate over the Affordable Care Act ahead of the Supreme Court hearings next Monday. Freakonomics takes a look at the lack of patents filed by women and how that hurts our economy. Gallup's Frank Newport reveals the latest data on how Americans feel about energy policy. Commentator Bill McKibben says the president's "all of the above" energy plan lacks focus. And we look at the carefully crafted marketing campaign for the film "Hunger Games."

The 'Hunger Games' hard sell

The books are best sellers, and the movie is on track to blow out the box office. But lining up marketing partners is a bigger challenge.
Posted In: marketing, movies, Hunger Games

March Madness nets big benefits for Cinderella schools

The NCAA basketball tournament is a great way for smaller schools to get exposure, prestige -- and alumni donations. Just ask Murray State or Ohio University.
Posted In: NCAA, March Madness, college sports, basketball

Health care goes before the court

Starting Monday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the constitutionality of the health care law, including a mandate that all Americans carry health insurance.
Posted In: Health

Obama's 'all of the above' plan means nothing

President Obama's new energy policy is really no policy at all, say commentator Bill McKibben.
Posted In: energy, Barack Obama

Closing the gender gap in patent filing

Freakonomics' Stephen Dubner on one scientifically-proven way that helps women embrace risk.
Posted In: innovation, gender gap, patents, Science, engineering

Do Americans approve of Obama's energy plan?

President Obama is touting a new "all of the above" energy plan that supports more of both oil and alternative energy production. What do Americans want in an energy policy?
Posted In: Barack Obama, energy, Oil, alternative energy

Etch A Sketch gets a bump in the markets

The classic toy got all kinds of buzz yesterday when it became the political prop of the day in the GOP primaries.
Posted In: Etch a Sketch

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