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Air BnB is going public. The company has been a raging success, but there are risks. Regulators are clamping down on it, the taxman is looking askance, and it’s going up against some entrenched and very powerful lobbies (like the entire hotel business, hello!). Next: President Obama appears on the Ellen show today to plug Obamacare. It appears the President has ditched the bully pulpit and is personally delivering his message to a "connected-but-distracted" generation. Swatting away criticism that it's "un-presidential", his advisors say it's an important demographic to reach, and he's willing to take an unconventional route to reach them. Finally: A look at the sanctions put in play by Russia and the U.S.   

A glossary of tax evasion

Some U.S. companies avoid American taxes by sending assets abroad
Posted In: Caterpillar, Tax evasion, Taxes, apple

Top students turning down Wall Street life

Princeton University used to be a breeding ground for Wall Street.
Posted In: Wall Street, recruiting, banking, higher education

NCAA bracketeers cried today

ESPN says Warren Buffett's $1 billion bet is almost certainly safe.
Posted In: NCAA, Warren Buffett

President Obama makes the rounds stumping for ACA

President Obama has popped up in some unlikely places this month.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, President Obama, Ellen DeGeneres

4 questions about the U.S. sanctions on Russia

U.S. announces sanctions on Russia; Russia retaliates.
Posted In: Russia, ukraine, sanctions

What's the deal with presidents and comedy shows?

Obama has gone on more late-night talk shows than any other president
Posted In: Barack Obama, healthcare, ACA, Obamacare, comedy, television

Businesses take advantage of lax regulations on drones

The FAA has been slow to put strict rules in place.
Posted In: drones

Happy International Gary Oldman Day

Marketplace Datebook for Friday, March 21, 2014

AirBnB got 99 problems but going public ain't one

AirBnB is going public, despite regulatory roadblocks and industry opposition.
Posted In: airbnb, hotels, IPO

Drought-resistant gardens can be more than gravel

As the California drought continues, some homeowners are rethinking their green grass lawns.
Posted In: california, drought, gardening

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