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After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Conn., the head of the National Rifle Association, called on Congress "to put armed police officers in every school." But many schools already have "good guys with guns." They're called School Resources Officers. Also, in the immigration debate we often focus on low-skilled workers, but there is a whole other group of scientists and other highly skilled professionals that we want to hire too. A couple of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have an idea to house them just far enough off shore that they aren't technically living in the U.S. Kai Ryssdal talks to Max Marty, the CEO of Blueseed, the company at the helm of this venture.

Detroit's emergency manager brings hope, fear

Bankruptcy lawyer Kevyn Orr was installed today as Detroit's emergency financial manager. It's a move that's not without controversy, and maybe a little hope, as well.
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Is 'too big to fail' a permanent state?

Five years after the financial crisis and banks are still "too big to fail."
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Don't have a visa to work here? I have some office space to rent you in the ocean

A new tech venture wants to reel entrepreneurs in as close to Silicon Valley as possible without the need for a visa. The lure is a crusie ship 12 nautical miles off the shore of Half Moon Bay, Calif.
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Men with guns in schools: Resource officers

One popular response to the school massacre in Connecticut was a call to put armed guards in all schools. Thousands of schools already have them.
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Google Reader fail: Internet outraged (again)

The Google Reader is going away. Why? Because it was losing users, didn’t make money and what’s good for some of us isn’t necessarily good for Google. That’s the way of the tech world.
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Many Americans still think moms shouldn't work

Working moms want to work more -- at least in part because they need to in this economy. At the same time, the number of Americans who think moms shouldn’t work full-time (or at all) is still surprisingly high. The Pew Research Center just released its report on modern parenthood.
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This loan costs 5% of your salary... for the next decade

Young go-getters can get funding to pursue their dream careers through a startup called Pave. The catch? Prospects agree to fork over about five percent of their income for the following 10 years.
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Save $861 on your MRI scan with a Groupon

The Groupon deal is worth $900, but you'll get it for $39.
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