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How's the weather where you are? A new survey says recent good weather is making the economy seem better than it really is. In the latest from our Attitude Check series, we look at how Americans feel about health care reform. One commentator says the government needs to step up its role in regulating our sugar intake. And the film "The Lorax" -- based on the 1971 Dr. Seuss book -- is opening this weekend. How much of an impact will its story have in today's environmental world?

How do Americans feel about health care reform?

Frank Newport, the editor-in-chief of Gallup, talks about Americans' attitude toward health care reform and the role it could play in this year's presidential election.
Posted In: health care, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, health care reform law

Economy changes like the weather

But is the mild winter cooking the books?
Posted In: weather, recovery

Sugar: Public (health) enemy No. 1?

Commentator Mark Bittman argues we should regulate sugar like we do cigarettes.
Posted In: sugar, Health

Manufacturing jobs up in Ohio

Most of the growth comes from an unexpected source. Politicians jockey to take credit.
Posted In: Ohio, manufacturing, Food

Shell tries to skirt potential court challenges

The oil company hopes to avoid long delays in its plans to start offshore drilling in the Alaskan Arctic Ocean. But a preemptive lawsuit may create more problems than it solves.
Posted In: Oil, Shell, Alaska, lawsuit, offshore drilling

Iowa's 'ag gag' sponsor defends bill

Iowa's state legislature passed a bill that would crack down on anyone trying to secretly document animal conditions at farming facilities. Animal rights activists are outraged, but the bill's sponsor says it's a necessary measure to protect private property.
Posted In: Agriculture, Iowa, whistleblowers, animal rights

'The Lorax' preaches to a new generation

A film adaptation of the 1971 children's book is soon to hit movie screens. But to many, its 40-year-old environmental messaging that needs a reboot.
Posted In: Environment, Entertainment, Dr. Seuss, movies

True prices measured in gold

So, how much will college tuition for a year at Yale University cost you in gold?
Posted In: gold

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