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Today we head to a graduation, but not just any graduation. It's Oyler School's graduation — the school we've been following for a year. In the news, Verizon is handing over telephone data, but for what? And how is the government going about finding its needles on the digital haystack? Plus, all of the junk in the ocean, documented. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has been doing so for 23 years. Our story is on the cost of the junk: what we paid to get it and what we'll pay to get rid of it.

Despite higher beef prices, cattle ranchers don't see better sales

For cattle rancher Ken Lenox, the higher price of beef at the store isn't leading to bigger profits.
Posted In: cattle, beef, farming, commodities

SodaStream's Pepsi rumors fizzle and pop

The rumor bubbles on a Sodastream sale are going flat.
Posted In: soda, Pepsi, SodaStream, stock market, buyout

The cost of junk on the ocean floor

The Monterrey Bay Aquarium just released a new report on all the sea junk they've discovered over the past 22 years of underwater surveys.
Posted In: Environment, oceans, trash

Graduates take the stage at Oyler School

As our year-long series on Oyler School concludes, the neighborhood of Lower Price Hill gathers to celebrate the class of 2013.
Posted In: Oyler School

Businesses like Verizon know more about you than you think

The NSA order for Verizon's customer data highlights how much the private sector knows about their customers, and the restrictions on how they use it.
Posted In: data mining, Verizon, Patriot Act, surveillance, personal security, Tech

How is the government going to find anything in the Verizon phone data?

Verizon is reportedly handing the National Security Agency data on every customer's calls. So how does the government go about finding needles on the digital haystack?
Posted In: Verizon, data mining, cell phones, terrorism, security

Google's 'Nooglers' star in 'The Internship'

The new Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson movie, “The Internship” opens Friday, but one of the stars of the film isn't an actor, it's a propeller hat all new Google employees wear.
Posted In: Google, movies

Xi-Obama Summit: The sticking points between the world's two largest economies

It'll be President Obama's first visit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping since he took power in March. China Correspondent Rob Schmitz breaks down what's working — and not working — between the world's two biggest economies.
Posted In: China's Economy, China, Barack Obama

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