Marketplace for Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Ben Bernanke's comments about the economy were optimistic -- but the markets saw the bad news: No more punch bowl. Also, with the passing of actor James Gandolfini, it's worth noting that television hasn’t been the same since Tony stepped outside and found ducks in his swimming pool. 

Could 'Moneyball' solve government fiscal woes?

An argument for using data to figure out where to spend government money.
Posted In: budget, moneyball

The NSA and Silicon Valley

Back in 2010, the chief security officer for Facebook, Max Kelly left the company for the NSA.
Posted In: nsa, Silicon Valley

Jobstacles: For teens, soft skills are hard skills

Teen unemployment is at 24.4 percent, three times the national average. With opportunities so scarce, young jobseekers need to think about all the little things that could hurt their chances.
Posted In: Youth Radio, Unemployment, teenagers

America's taste for sour flavor feeds food industry

Sour foods and flavors are riding high at the moment, and our growing desire for them is changing the food industry.
Posted In: sour food, greek yogurt

Gold buyers, Wall Street both hate Bernanke right now

The markets take a hit in the wake of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke’s “good” news about the economy.
Posted In: Wall Street, gold, Bernanke, QE2

Is immigration reform sexist?

A group of female senators has introduced an amendment to the immigration bill that would set aside 30,000 residency cards a year for fields typically dominated by women.
Posted In: immigration reform, immigrants

'Mad Men' fan? You have 'The Sopranos' to thank

Television hasn’t been the same since Tony stepped outside and found ducks in his swimming pool.
Posted In: tv, Sopranos, HBO

Want a job at Google?: No more brainteasers

The biggest search firm in the world is infamous for its, shall we say, tortured job interview questions.
Posted In: Google

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