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You think our housing collapse was bad? Try thinking about what the homesteaders went through 100 years ago. Our series looking at the consumer economy continues. Also, the Supreme Court decides that human genes can't be patented. 

Father of modern 401(k) says it fails many Americans

Ted Benna was a pension consultant who noticed a new tax code provision, K, added to Section 401. He never intended the retirement plan that resulted to replace pensions or become so complicated.
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Turkey's economic growth cuts both ways for Erdogan

Turkey's economy under prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has grown steadily, giving him the support of many businesses.
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Can my DNA be patented? No, say justices

The Supreme Court’s ruling appears to be a serious blow to the business model of bringing to market products derived from naturally occurring DNA.
Posted In: dna, genomics, Supreme Court

Report: To save for retirement, never stop working (no, this isn't an Onion headline)

Can we really save for retirement in this consumer economy? There's plenty of advice. Try to follow it.
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100 years ago, a boom and bust fed by hope and greed

Railroads lured homesteaders to Montana with ads that made the dry plains look like lush English countryside. Banks offered easy money, the settlers loaded up with loans -- and drought set in.
Posted In: montana, housing market

Caffeine withdrawal is officially a mental health disorder

The new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual now lists caffeine withdrawal.
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