Marketplace for Thursday, July 9, 2009

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U.K. paper accused of phone tapping

Rupert Murdoch's U.K. paper "News of the World" is accused of phone tapping and hiring private investigators to find dirt on high-profile people. The allegations say they then paid large sums of money to cover it up. Kai Ryssdal talks with Stephen Beard.
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Michigan finds job hope in clean energy

The Midwestern state has the highest rate of unemployment in the nation due mostly to its dependence on the auto industry. But some have found a new way to stay alive by building machinery for green energy. Dustin Dwyer reports.
Posted In: Auto, Jobs, Science

Accountants are the new cool kids

Brokers and deal makers used to be the popular kids on Wall Street, but the economic collapse has changed all that. Kai Ryssdal talks with Randy Beatty, dean of the Leventhal School of Accounting at USC, about what is now the sexier financial occupation.
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Economy needs more stimulus money

With unemployment above 9.5% and companies continuing to shed jobs, debate is increasing over whether another stimulus package would help. Commentator and economist Justin Wolfers says there's no question -- the economy needs a further boost.

Market springs up for California IOUs

A week after California started issuing IOUs for its unpaid bills, a market has started forming to buy and sell them. Julie Small reports.

Mass. loses big bucks on film tax breaks

Massachusetts has been wooing film productions with tax breaks as a means of bringing money into the state. But its Department of Revenue says the state has lost more than $95 million due to the incentives. Rico Gagliano reports.
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Ecuador seeks credit for conservation

The South American country is seeking $3 billion in carbon credits in exchange for leaving some of its Amazon oil reserves untapped. Sam Eaton reports.

Retail sales continue steep decline

Retail chains are reporting dismal monthly sales numbers, despite cutting inventories and discounting prices. So why are most of the major retailers still doing so badly? Mitchell Hartman reports.
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