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A new report shows that renting might actually be a safer alternative to buying in today's economy. President Obama kicked off his two-day 'Betting on America' bus tour today -- Sarah Gardner talks to linguist Ben Zimmer about the psychology behind the name. A review from the House reveals home lender Countrywide gave preferential treatment to members of Congress, their staffs and employees of Fannie Mae in order to win influence in government. Gallup's Frank Newport discusses consumer attitudes towards summer spending. Taco Bell rolls out its new 'gourmet menu' today. And some companies are choosing to advertise directly on people's bodies.

House report links Countrywide, Congress

The home lender Countrywide gave preferential treatment to members of Congress, their staffs and employees of Fannie Mae in order to win influence in government, according to a long-awaited review by a House committee.
Posted In: Congress, Countrywide, Fannie Mae

The president is a 'betting' man

As President Obama's "Betting on America" tour gets underway, we ask a linguist: What does it mean to "bet" on the country?
Posted In: 2012 campaign, slogan, Barack Obama

Brand ink: Companies explore tattoo marketing

Tattoo giveaways are cropping up as the latest trend in brand marketing. Unlike free T-shirts or hats with brand images, in this case the logo stays -- forever.
Posted In: tattoos, marketing, HBO

Taco Bell goes gourmet

Call it “the Chipotle effect,” but more and more fast food joints are going upscale.
Posted In: fast food, Taco Bell, Chipotle

Large farms may have to pay more to insure crops

The Senate's version of the Farm Bill eliminates some key funding for farmers, especially those who make more than $750,000 a year.
Posted In: farm bill, farming, Agriculture

Are Americans spending this summer?

What are the spending habits of Americans this summer: Spending or saving? And what days of the year do Americans think of as the happiest? Gallup reveals its latest data on U.S. opinion.
Posted In: spending, Saving

As apartment vacancies drop, rents rise

Apartment buildings are fuller than they’ve been in a decade. Rents are at record highs. Houses are relatively cheap, but loans are elusive.
Posted In: Housing, rent vs. buy, rent

Congress may block Pentagon's biofuels quest

The Department of Defense, a huge consumer of petroleum, is trying to develop biofuels on a large scale as an alternative. Republicans in Congress have voted the program out of an authorization bill, saying oil and even coal can meet the military's needs.
Posted In: Military and Energy, biofuels, navy

Russian lecturer forces students to take 23-hour exam

And you thought the SATs were exhausting.
Posted In: Russia

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