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Egypt has a new interim president. We head to Cairo to find out the latest news and explore how the unseating of former Egyptian President Morsi might impact U.S. businesses. Plus, on this Independence Day, a look at how brand "America" is doing. If you're having a drink today, you might want to check out our story on how cheap beer, like Pabst Blue Ribbon, is pushing up the price at bars and restaurants. Also, a look at "difficult men," Spain's "Robin Hood mayor," and what it takes to pass the Master Sommelier exam.

Egypt's interim government faces tough economic issues

Egypt has sworn in an interim president, but it's not clear how much time the public will give him to solve the country's ongoing economic problems.
Posted In: Egypt, morsi, Cairo

Grapes of Hope: Passing the Master Sommelier exam

This weekend, more than 70 people will arrive in Texas to take what some say is one of the hardest exams in any profession. The test has roughly an 8 percent pass rate.
Posted In: wine, sommelier, tests

How 'The Sopranos' and 'The Wire' showed ratings didn't matter

A look at how cable dramas changed the business of television.
Posted In: Entertainment, television, cable TV

Cheap beer not as cheap anymore

As hipsters demand more Pabst Blue Ribbon, restaurants and bars raise prices.
Posted In: beer, Pabst Brewing Co.

Brand USA: How America's economic performance promotes the brand

On this Independence Day, we check in on our "national brand."
Posted In: marketing, branding

American companies keep eye on Egypt

U.S. companies hope leadership change leads to more stable business climate.
Posted In: Egypt, business

Spanish town embraces socialism

Mayor of Spanish town says socialism blunts sharp edges of the country's economic crisis.
Posted In: spain, Europe

A window that talks to you

An ad agency has invented a talking window -- and how many hot dogs does it take to win a hot dog eating contest?
Posted In: technology

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