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After its disappointing IPO, Facebook releases its first ever earnings report today. Bankrupt cities across the nation are turning to drastic measures -- some are walking away from their financial obligations. The ice sheet on the surface of Greenland is melting at an unprecedented rate. College campuses across the nation are revamping their gyms into state of the art fitness centers to woo prospective students, and it's proving to be costly. Credit card companies once said that the Credit Card Accountability Act would destroy profits, but now some are praising it. And Tess Vigeland talks to Virginia Sole-Smith about her article on Mary Kay Cosmetics and its 'Pink Pyramid Scheme.'

Where Facebook is faltering, and how it can be fixed

In its first ever earnings report, Facebook reported a 32 percent boost in revenues, just shy of $1.2 billion. But it's still a wholly unprofitable company. What is it doing wrong?
Posted In: Facebook, mobile

Life not so rosy for women selling Mary Kay cosmetics

Mary Kay is a storied brand in the beauty products industry.
Posted In: mary kay, ponzi

Climbing walls and college costs

How much do all those campus luxuries push up tuition and fees?
Posted In: college

Melting Arctic sea ice mostly man-made

The latest study on the unprecedented loss of ice covering the Arctic says it is 70 percent the result of human-caused climate change.
Posted In: Arctic, ICE, climate change, Greenland

Are banks benefitting from CARD Act they lobbied against?

A law restricting credit card acess for poor credit risks has resulted in fewer defaults.
Posted In: CARD Act, Credit Cards, Banks

No surprise Team USA uniform was made in China

U.S. clothing makers may not beat China on price, but can on technological innovation.
Posted In: Olympics 2012, China, apparel, ralph lauren

City bankruptcies trend troubles bond investors

If debt-ridden municipalities begin walking away from their financial obligations the way homeowners once did, such strategic defaults could wreak havoc for municipal bond holders.
Posted In: municipality, Muni Bonds, bankruptcy

Egyptian Olympians were wearing fake Nike gear

Members of Egypt's Olympic team were apparently given fake Nike gear to wear during training in London.
Posted In: Olympics, Nike

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