Marketplace for Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Marketplace for Thursday, July 15, 2010

Foreclosures continue to climb

Foreclosures continue to climb -- but this time it's due to unemployment or people who don't want to pay because they're underwater, not bad loans.
Posted In: Housing

Bringing both sides for conservation

Like a lot of things, environmental conservation is another issue that divides conservatives and liberals -- but maybe it can turn into a bipartisan issue with a little bit of tweaking on how the conservation message is conveyed.
Posted In: Environment

The ad campaign you wish you were

Kai Ryssdal talks to Iain Tait of Wieden+Kennedy, the marketing firm behind Old Spice's latest marketing campaign, which includes rapid video responses to fans of the commercials.
Posted In: Retail

Progress in Haiti slow due to lack of funds

Contractors are frustrated with the delays and lack of funding that are preventing them from reconstructing Haiti. Kenny Malone reports.

China stops subsidizing polluting industries

The Chinese government withdrew its subsidies from some the country's most energy-intensive industries to stop paying polluters and also to show the world that it's economy is stable enough to make the withdrawal.
Posted In: Environment

JP Morgan's success not what it seems

JP Morgan appeared to have blown everyone's expectations by posting $4.8 billion in profits, but read between the lines, and there's some interesting accounting that made for a seemingly successful quarter.
Posted In: Banks, Investing

Big picture near finished, then little details

The financial reform bill is just one signature away from becoming law, but that won't be the end -- a whole new round of tough decision-making will start for federal agencies.
Posted In: Banks

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