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Would you pay $10 monthly to upgrade your phone twice a year? That's a plan T-Mobile is instituting. Microsoft has some plans of its own. The tech giant will revamp its structure and management. As senators squabble over student loans, we wonder why the math is so hard to do. Plus, a look at life in Egypt during its time of transition, why the smartest electrical grid in the world will be tested in Afghanistan’s hostile combat zones, and author Aifric Campbell discusses her new novel "On the Floor."

'On the Floor' with a former investment banker

In her latest novel, author Aifric Campbell details the cutthroat and high-flying world of finance in the early '90s.
Posted In: traders

The state of the nation, seen through housing

Data from the 2011 American Housing Survey -- where we live and how we live -- was released today.
Posted In: Housing

At start of Ramadan, Egypt still feeling the strain

Turmoil continues in Egypt, but as news of $12 billion in aid and an interim prime minister appointment take hold, life on the ground in Cairo is also changing.
Posted In: Egypt, morsi, subsidies, middle east

T-Mobile's plan: $10 monthly for phone upgrades twice a year. Worth it or not?

The cellular carrier announced a new program that will allow customers to upgrade their phones up to twice a year for a $10 monthly charge.
Posted In: T-Mobile, smartphone

Will Microsoft's reorganization work?

The tech giant plans to revamp its structure and management, as the tech world changes from PCs to mobile devices and cloud computing.
Posted In: Microsoft, Steve Ballmer

Doing the math on student loans

As Congress bickers over the interest rates on student loans -- again -- the question is, why is this so hard to figure out?
Posted In: frederal student loans, student loan debt, student loan

This smart grid can save power -- and lives

The U.S. power grid needs upgrading to manage all the stresses on it. The Army is testing a much smaller grid that cut fuel use in half, saving soldiers' lives.
Posted In: power grid, smart grid, electricity

Americans don't think journalists contribute a lot to society

The military topped a survey of occupations in the U.S. that people think "contribute a lot" to society.
Posted In: journalism, journalists

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