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News that Chinese hackers broke into databases holding personal information on government employees is confirmation that your information is not safe, whether it be in a bank or a government vault. Now it’s all up to the private sector to protect our information, and that’s creating huge opportunities for data security businesses. Plus, Europe’s troubled economies are in deeper trouble still. Today’s bleak news? Portugal is possibly heading for another banking crisis while manufacturing numbers from France and Italy are simply disappointing. Deflation, contraction, recession. As Europe struggles on, we compare and contrast and ask about the impact, if any, on the U.S. Also, Boeing forecasts an even rosier future for airliner sales, spurred by economic growth in developing countries that it predicts will double the number of annual fliers in 20 years. Most growth will be in Asia. As developing countries become wealthier, the growth in air travel also shows how expanding transportation will add to global carbon emissions. We investigate.

How a 19-year-old started the Rollerblade revolution

Scott Olson talks about putting America on wheels when he was just a teenager.
Posted In: innovation, rollerblades, hockey, speed skating

Gini: the measure of inequality

The Gini Index is the most common measure of wealth distribution within nations
Posted In: income inequality, statistics

Boeing projects global air travel will double

Growth in air travel will also mean an increase in global carbon emissions.
Posted In: air travel, carbon emissions, Boeing

How contagious is Europe's troubled economy?

As the European economic crisis persists, we look at the impact, if any, on the US.
Posted In: European debt crisis, euro, Europe debt crisis

Don't call it a Crumback

Share prices skyrocketed over rumors of a revived Crumbs Bake Shop.
Posted In: Crumbs, cupcakes, Final Note

What Cleveland's winter did to a local toy store

The hard winter doesn't skip toy stores. Now, it's bouncing back.
Posted In: Small Business, weather, comeback

Good news for security firms: our data's not safe

Cybersecurity breaches are creating big opportunities for data security businesses
Posted In: cybersecurity, hackers, China

With job vacancies up, employers take longer to hire

The Bureau says employers are advertising more jobs. But are they actually hiring?
Posted In: hiring, disappearing jobs, employment

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