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It's a little known historical fact that when it was created 110 years ago, the Department of Commerce was actually called the Department of Commerce and Labor. It's a reflection, perhaps, of the relationship between those two parts of the economy. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker stops by to talk about growing the American export economy as one way to keep American businesses competitive. Next, T-Mobile is offering big incentives to try and get you to leave your phone carrier. But to do so, you've got to change the family plan, the data plan, get a new phone, etc. Even where there's a better deal out there, consumers don’t always make the switch because it’s just too much trouble. Also, an increase in heroin use has been reported in many states. This week, Vermont's governor devoted his entire state of the state speech to the problem.

Small business perspective on 2014 optimism

Private sector hiring is up, mostly among small businesses. One business owner gives her perspective.
Posted In: Small Business

Are we safer from Ponzi schemes now?

A lot has changed since Bernard Madoff defrauded $17 billion. Has it made a difference?
Posted In: Bernie Madoff, ponzi scheme, Securities and Exchange Commission

T-Mobile tries to make plan-changing painless

Cellular phone carriers like T-Mobile offer incentives to switch networks, but for some consumers it's too much of a hassle.
Posted In: T-Mobile, AT&T, cell phones

Heroin's back - but prescription opiates are still a bigger problem

An increase in heroin use has been reported in many states, in part in response to government efforts to restrict access to prescription opiates.
Posted In: Heroin, drugs, prescription drugs, war on drugs

For first time, most of Congress is worth more than $1 million

A report shows that more than half of Congress members are millionaires.
Posted In: Congress, income inequality, millionaire

Commerce Secretary: Immigration reform would bring in $1.4 trillion

U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker sits down to talk about the state of the American economy and what she thinks it will take to get it back on track.
Posted In: commerce, immigration reform, Immigration, export, free trade

China rolls out plan to clean its air - will it work?

China has some of the worst smog in the world – impacting the lives of more than a billion people as well as the bottom line for the world’s second biggest economy.
Posted In: China, air pollution, coal

Congress is hated, but people still love to visit

Congress is enduring historically-low popularity ratings – so why do hordes of tourists still visit the Capitol?
Posted In: Washington D.C., Congress, Capitol Hill

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