Marketplace for Thursday, January 5, 2012

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The European Union proposed a ban on Iranian oil. More Americans are renting than buying. Alabama's strict immigration law puts the state at an economic disadvantage. The latest Attitude Check with Gallup gauges Americans' consumer confidence before Friday's unemployment report. Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio talks about the future of Kodak. Barnes & Noble may be planning to spin off its Nook e-reader business. And commentator Mark Bittman explores the prevalence of processed foods and the trend of child obesity in the U.S.

What Now: The junk food diet

Millions of Americans make resolutions to change the way they eat. But, can we change the way food is marketed to us?
Posted In: obesity, junk food, children, What Now?

How did the job market fare in December?

The government's jobless data for December comes out Friday. Gallup has its own unemployment measures. Here's a preview.
Posted In: unemployment, Jobs, consumer confidence

Barnes & Noble could spin off the Nook

The company's e-reader has been a big success, while the rest of Barnes & Noble's business is suffering.
Posted In: Barnes & Noble, Books, Nook

Alabama's immigration law could slow foreign business

Alabama has attracted top car manufacturers, but some of their foreign workers have been arrested by police. It worries business leaders trying to attract new companies.
Posted In: Immigration law, Alabama

Not many apartments available to rent

The vacancy rate for apartment fell to its lowest since 2001 in the fourth quarter as more people rented. But mortgage rates are also falling, so will people choose buying over renting soon?
Posted In: rent, rent vs. buy, Housing

Iranian oil: To ban or not to ban?

The European Union has threatened to embargo oil from Iran. Iran snapped back, saying if that happens, it won't let any oil ships pass through the Strait of Hormuz. How might this affect Europe and the U.S.?
Posted In: Oil, Iran, Strait of Hormuz

Kodak teeters toward bankruptcy

David Brancaccio discusses the impact bankruptcy could have on the 38,000 Kodak retirees and how the city of Rochester, home to the film company, can survive.
Posted In: kodak, bankruptcy, rochester

593-pound bluefin tuna sold for record $736,000

This fishing story isn't just a tall tale.
Posted In: tuna

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