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In the latest Converation from the Corner Office, Kai Ryssdal talks to Sue Gardner, CEO of WikiMedia, about Wikipedia's global plans and the online encyclopedia's need for more female editors. New research suggests that millennials deal with credit card debt differently than past generations. Wired magazine's Kim Zetter discusses the Chinese hacking of the New York Times. With Alicia Keys being named a creative director for Blackberry -- day after tweeting from her iPhone -- we look into the complications of celebrity endorsements. And Scott Tong explores how lithium ion batteries are crucial in technology.

Millennials likely to take debt to their graves

A new study suggests Gen Y borrowers shows their repayment patterns don’t match up with past generations. (And that’s not a good thing.)
Posted In: credit card debt, debt, Millennial Generation

Alicia Keys dumps iPhone for Blackberry 10

The pop star brings new meaning to the perils of celebrity endorsements in the age of social media.
Posted In: endorsements, celebrity, Blackberry

It's not only the New York Times that gets hacked

Corporations get hacked often -- so it's best to be ready for it.
Posted In: hacking

CEO of Wikimedia on making a site useful for billions

Wikimedia head Sue Gardner talks about growing the popular web collaboration project, Wikipedia.
Posted In: Wikipedia, women

Justice Department challenges Bud beer merger

Anheuser-Busch InBev would have nearly half the U.S. beer market if it purchases Groupo Modelo, the maker of Corona. The Justice Department says the company could control beer prices.
Posted In: beer, Budweiser

That battery in your cell phone packs a lot of history

Prof. John Goodenough discovered the advance that made the lithium-ion battery -- and the wireless world -- possible. But now another breakthrough is needed.
Posted In: lithium, batteries

The pledge of a middle manager

What one commentator imagines corporate middle managers say to themselves in the mirror.
Posted In: workplace, humor

State of Washington in search of marijuana consultant

The State Liquor Control Board needs an official marijuana consultant to advise on the finer points of all things cannabis.
Posted In: marijuana, Washington

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