Marketplace for Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Marketplace for Thursday, January 27, 2011

Comcast era at NBC begins

Comcast gains control of NBC Friday, seeking to restore the network's lineup of shows after a string of primetime fiascos.
Posted In: Entertainment, Mergers and Acquisitions

Tale of two TARPs

Big banks have repaid government bailout funds and are profitable. But smaller banks that got TARP money face challenges.
Posted In: Banks

Financial crisis panel: Meltdown was avoidable

But critics say the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission's report lacks concrete recommendations for preventing another crisis.

WindMade products do more than suck air

The new WindMade eco-label, unveiled by business leaders at the Davos World Economic Forum, introduces a new standard for renewable products.
Posted In: Environment

NFL commissioner to take dollar salary if player talks fail

The NFL's head honcho Roger Goodell vows to reduce salary from $10 million to $1 if current player negotiations end in a work stoppage. The commissioner's move is the latest instance of a top executive offering to take a dollar salary in the face of adversity. That got us wondering: How did this whole ritual get started?
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Sports

Macy's, P&G go social (media) in ad campaign

Macy's, fabric softener Downy and sleepwalking comedian Mike Birbiglia team up for an unusual ad campaign in a store window.

Slideshow: CEOs in the $1 salary club

Not all CEOs earn a handsome salary. Some corporate leaders have worked for a lot less --- a whopping $1. It's a noble gesture, but most CEOs in the $1 salary club are really earning millions when you consider their stock holdings, bonuses, and other compensation. See a slideshow of CEOs who are members of this elite club.

From trash to energy

Throwing trash into a pit is as good as throwing money into a pit. One landfill manager in Los Angeles tells us how to convert that trash into cash.
Posted In: Environment

Egyptian youths face dismal economic future

Demonstrations continue in Egypt over President Mubarak's government. One major issue driving the unrest: The lack of jobs.
Posted In: Jobs

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