Marketplace for Thursday, January 17, 2013

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President Obama's first inauguration was an economic boon for D.C., but economic expectations are low this time around. Kai Ryssdal talks to a gun store owner about doing business after Obama's executive actions toward gun control. Quartz reporter Tim Fernholz talks about comparing the debt ceiling debate to Choose Your Own Adventure books. Chinese telecom company Huawei says that U.S. government is wrong for labeling it a security threat. And four years after Barack Obama's campaign message of 'hope,' journalist Hector Tobar talks about what the word means to him.

Low interest rates boost auto refinancing

Like homeowners, car owners are taking advantage of low interest rates to refinance high-cost auto loans.
Posted In: refinancing, auto loans

Literary voices: 'Hope' is about second chances

It's been four years since Barack Obama used 'hope' in his presidential campaign message. Author and journalist Héctor Tobar talks about how he sees hope where he lives.
Posted In: writing, hope, los angeles

Is China's Huawei a threat to our national security?

The Chinese telecommunications equipment company is the largest in the world, but it struggles to gain a foothold in the U.S. Lawmakers say it's a threat to national security.
Posted In: huawei, China

D.C. economy likely to see smaller inaugural bump

Obama's second inaugural is not expected to be the same windfall as the first.
Posted In: inauguration, Washington D.C.

Gun store owner sees 'a storm' of sales

For one gun shop owner, the president's announcement of a gun control package has boosted sales.
Posted In: guns

Choose your own debt ceiling adventure

The known-knowns and the known-unknowns of the debt ceiling debate. And, a handy flow chart.
Posted In: debt ceiling

American Airlines unveils new logo

The airline debuted a new logo and exterior paint scheme in Dallas today.
Posted In: American Airlines

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