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Kids' pizza palace Chuck E. Cheese sold for almost $1 billion today. We dig into the rather curious story of the buck-toothed mouse, the business empire extraordinaire, and the equally unusual leader behind it. Then, we look at how tech companies and the individuals who run them want President Obama to restrict the NSA’s data collection and spying. Finally, news out today suggests that traditional retail is in trouble -- Best Buy produced some horrendous earnings results, and JC Penney appears on the verge of collapse. The closure of these kind of stores would doubtless cause us some pain: Many people would be laid off. But otherwise, how much do these kinds of stores really matter to the economy? 

Some towns fight to hang onto their JC Penney

JC Penney announced it will close 33 stores across the country, including the store in Butte, Montana.
Posted In: JC Penney, Penney's, Ron Johnson

Sony Betamax case paved the way for TiVo

In 1984, the Supreme Court approved the home recording of TV shows.
Posted In: VHS, TiVo

Meet the modern guidance counselor

President and First Lady Obama met with more than a hundred college and university presidents and leaders from business and nonprofits to talk about helping low-income students finish college. One solution starts well before college, with high school guidance counselors.
Posted In: Education, first-generation college students

5 facts you'd never guess about Chuck E. Cheese

A private-equity firm plans to buy the kids' pizza palace. What on earth will they do with it?
Posted In: pizza

What tech companies want from Obama's NSA proposal

How tech companies want President Obama to restrict the NSA’s data collection and spying.
Posted In: Barack Obama, nsa, Silicon Valley, technology

Why the demise of brick and mortar stores may not be such a big deal for the economy

It sounds cold-blooded, but with shopping habits changing fast, the demise of the brick and mortar store may not matter much to the economy in the long run.
Posted In: Retail, Best Buy, JC Penney

Fox News and Roger Ailes 'reversed the economics of TV news'

"The Loudest Voice in the Room" is Gabriel Sherman's new book chronicling the legacy of Fox News creator Roger Ailes.
Posted In: Fox News, Roger Ailes, Gabriel Sherman

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