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After a year in the making, the government finally reaches a foreclosure settlement with five major banks. The Greeks, too, have reportedly settled on making austerity cuts that would also allow them to get a bailout package. The Chinese market for art is spinning out of control. Youngsters are running away from the TV sets. And Kai Ryssdal talks to Walter Mosley, author of "All I Did Was Shoot My Man," about race and class in the age of global capitalism.

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Bubble fears as Chinese buyers bid up art prices

Rich Chinese buyers are bidding up global art prices. But as some buy for investment rather than artistic merit, there are fears of a bubble.
Posted In: art, China

How do Americans feel about the banks?

Americans' feelings on the foreclosure deal, banks and whether they should worry about the European debt crisis. Gallup's Frank Newport offers up the latest data.
Posted In: foreclosure, Banks, Greece

Walter Mosley touches on economic injustice, race in 'Shoot My Man'

Walter Mosley's new book, "All I Did Was Shoot My Man," is more than a mystery novel. Both Mosley and his recurring protagonist, Leonid McGill, take on issues of economic injustice, inequality and the inevitable world of capitalism we live in.
Posted In: fiction, class, poverty

Younger viewers watch less TV on TV

TV may still be the most popular pastime in America. But new media is making inroads with younger viewers, who tune in on laptops, phones and tablets.
Posted In: television, tv

In Greece, politicians agree on austerity deal

Greek lawmakers have agreed on an austerity package that features spending cuts and reforms. But implementing it won't be easy.
Posted In: Greece, Greek debt, greek bailout

States, banks reach $25 billion mortgage settlement

State and federal authorities unveil a $25 billion deal with big banks to address foreclosure abuses and to aid underwater homeowners.
Posted In: Housing, foreclosure, mortgage settlement

Cleaning up the mortgage mess

Today's $26 billion settlement between the government and five of the nation's biggest banks could free up the billions in mortgage securities they possess. But the settlement will also change many of the ways banks deal with foreclosures.
Posted In: Housing, foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage settlement

Protests against Apple in N.Y.C. call for 'ethical iPhone'

There's been a lot in the press lately about working conditions in Apple factories in China. Apparently, we're worried about it -- but only a little bit.
Posted In: apple

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