Marketplace for Thursday, February 7, 2008

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Transparency sought in 401(k) fees

Many workers currently enrolled in a 401(k) plan don't know they could be losing money through hidden fees and conflicts of interest. Now the Labor Department has proposed some new rules for disclosure. Tess Vigeland reports.
Posted In: Investing, Retirement

When the subprime crisis hits home

The subprime mortgage crisis continues to wreck havoc on millions of Americans. Commentator Kevin Mims considers the possibility of foreclosing on the house of his dreams.
Posted In: Housing

Storm uncovers China's weak points

Last week's powerful snow storms in China derailed many travel plans for the Lunar New Year, including those of migrant workers. Kai Ryssdal talks to Scott Tong in Shanghai about how the storm exposed vulnerabilities in China's infrastructure.
Posted In: Economy

Mafia still has economic impact

U.S. and Italian police have arrested 60 people in the biggest mafia crackdown in 20 years, targeted to cut renewed ties between New York's Gambino family and Sicilian mob bosses. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports on the current state of mob activity in the U.S.
Posted In: Crime

Mitt Romney moves on from campaign

After spending millions of dollars of his own money to keep his presidential campaign going, Mitt Romney announced today he would either suspend his campaign or withdraw completely from the race. Jeremy Hobson reports on the future of Mitt Romney's career.

European Central Bank keeps rates steady

While the Fed cut interest rates in order to curb the economic slowdown, the European Central Bank has decided to hold its short-term rate steady at 4%. Steven Beard reports from London on how the rate will affect both U.S. and European economies.
Posted In: Economy, Travel, Wall Street

Phoenix rising as a sports city

The NBA's Phoenix Suns announced they've traded for Shaquille O'Neal. But the Suns acquisition is just a small part of how Phoenix is turning into a mecca for sports. Kai Ryssdal talks to our business of sports analyst Diana Nyad.

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