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The jobs number appears to be falling out of favor with economists. So when it comes to jobs, which number should we trust? Plus, people's drinking habits are changing -- and Green Mountain Coffee is reaping the benefits. Coca-Cola is buying a 10 percent stake in the company. We look at what’s in it for Coke, and what’s in it for consumers, as people’s drinking habits change. Finally, more and more banks are introducing fees for checking accounts and withdrawing the availability of free checking accounts. We look at why the banks have to find ways to boost their revenue streams.

Building water systems for the next century

What the world is doing to keep the tap flowing.
Posted In: groundwater, water systems

8 post-apocalpyse scenarios: The Day After the Debt Ceiling

The authors of "How to Win at Everything" share some predictions for what happens if Congress fails to agree about the Debt Ceiling.
Posted In: debt ceiling, apocalypse

Sochi half-bathrooms: True or false?

About those viral photos you see flying around from the Olympics...
Posted In: Olympics, Sochi, viral

JFK 1964 and Beatle-mania

Marketplace Datebook for February 7th.
Posted In: JFK, Beatles

Free checking accounts weren't making banks money. Go figure.

More and more banks introduce fees for checking accounts
Posted In: Banks, Credit Cards, debit cards, bank fees

Why would you want to brew your own Coke?

Coca-Cola's partnership with Green Mountain Coffee-- the K-cup people-- promises the power to make pop at home. And that's a big deal, why?
Posted In: Coke, Green Mountain Coffee, coffee

Ignore the Unemployment Rate. There's a better jobs indicator.

Why you should read the whole jobs report, and not just the highlights
Posted In: jobs numbers, employment

Communities along rail lines worry about oil explosions

New shale oil fields in the middle of the country, far from pipelines, depend on rail to get to coastal refineries
Posted In: Oil, energy, shipping

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