Marketplace for Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Marketplace for Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feds pull plug on pirated sports content

Just days before the Super Bowl, government agents shut down several websites accused of stealing and streaming live sporting events. The content, available through links, includes games from the NFL, NBA, MLB and WWF.
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The man behind some of the Super Bowl's most memorable commercials

Joe Pytka, the man behind some of the most famous Super Bowl commercials of all time, talks with Bob Moon about makes a good commercial, what kind of money is involved, and whether controversy can help boost an ad.

It's a great winter for the snow removal industry

Bob Moon talks to Mike Zawacki, the editor of Snow Magazine, about how the snow removal industry is faring during this winter of record snow fall.

Consumer spending rings up credit card profits

MasterCard and Visa reported higher profits as U.S. consumers returned to stores and swiped their plastic more often.
Posted In: Credit Cards

Israel and Egypt's economic futures intertwined

For more than three decades, Egypt and Israel have had stable relations and a secure border, but not much else between them. That could change depending on what happens next.
Posted In: Oil

Fed chair says time to cut trillion-dollar budget deficit

Ben Bernanke said today the deficit threatens the economy. If it isn't slashed, investors in government debt could demand higher interest rates. That could spike the recovery.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

Temp workers play larger role in economy

Employers rely so much on manpower and other agencies that temporary work seems a large part of the recovery.
Posted In: Jobs

New Year highlights a shift in China's workforce

Today marks the Lunar New Year in China. Millions of workers in China return home for New Year and many employers fear they may not come back.
Posted In: China, Jobs

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