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The logo of mobile app 'WhatsApp' is displayed on a tablet on Jan. 2, 2014, in Paris.
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Gap announces it will raise wages of its lowest-paid workers above the current minimum wage. Walmart and other chains are looking at doing something like this. We examine the factors that go into their decision making. Next, Facebook’s $19 billion bid for WhatsApp essentially means it’s paying $42 per WhatsApp subscriber. That’s $12 more per user than Facebook paid for Instagram. Finally, a new report on inequality from Brookings looks at which American cities have the highest and lowest rates of inequality. What impact does the gap have on vibrancy, and quality of life? 

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Ukraine's unrest: Violence continues despite truce

More dead and captured in clashes between protesters and police.
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Checking in on President Obama's pay hike request

President Barack Obama has proposed raising the federal minimum hourly wage. He also asked companies to pay more.
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What's a WhatsApp subscriber worth? $42

Facebook's is paying $42 for every WhatsApp subscriber.
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Ranking cities from Miami to Boston to Wichita on inequality

A new report from the Brookings Institution tracks American cities with the highest and lowest rates of economic inequality. Some cities with less inequality look a lot like the suburbs.
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A monumental day for Washington, D.C.

Marketplace Datebook for Friday, February 21, 2014
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When you're the 'new pharma' in town

How a small pharmaceutical company triumphed over the pressures of Wall Street and 'big pharma.'
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