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What do Americans think about President Obama's budget proposal? Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of Gallup,  offers the data in "Attitude Check," Marketplace's partnership with Gallup.  General Motors' profits were way up last year, but the company's prospect for 2012 might not be so hot. A small tech company in Asia claims it owns the legal rights to the name "iPad" in China, and it's seeking to ban all shipments of the new iPad from the country. Kai Ryssdal talks to fashion journalist Kate Betts about the latest fashion trends amid economic recovery.

The economy's looking up, but can Obama take credit?

Commentator Megan McArdle says no president has that much control over the economy.
Posted In: Barack Obama, 2012 election, Economy

Apple's problem with the name iPad in China

A court in China has ruled that Apple may not call its tablet device an "iPad" within the country. A Chinese company has rights over the name.
Posted In: apple, iPad, China

Fashion trends of the economic recovery

Fashion journalist and author Kate Betts discusses the two big fashion trends she's seeing at Fashion Week in New York City.
Posted In: Fashion Week, fashion

Credit agencies and debt collectors to get federal scrutiny

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is proposing to add the three major credit bureaus and debt colletion companies to the list of businesses the federal agency can now oversee.
Posted In: debt collection, credit agencies, equifax, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, CFPB

Businesses defend donations to anti-climate group

A document leak from the anti-climate crusading Heartland Institute shows many mainstream corporate donors.
Posted In: Heartland Institute, climate change, Environment

What Americans think about President Obama's budget

Do Americans agree with President Obama's latest budget proposal? Gallup's editor-in-chief Frank Newport explains what Americans want the government to cut and spend more money on.
Posted In: federal budget, obama budget, Barack Obama, budget

GM’s record profit disappoints some

General Motors is the latest company to post profits that “fell short of analysts’ estimates.” Who sets these expectations and how valid are they?
Posted In: General Motors, GM, Auto

Black History Month a lucrative time for some black professionals

Black History Month events have celebrated the achievements of African-Americans since the 1920s. But February is also a time of heightened demand for black talent and expertise on the speaking circuit.
Posted In: African American, black history

Kodak to drop its name from Hollywood theater

Eastman Kodak won a court battle to scrap its sponsorship of Kodak Theater, home of the Oscars. Do expensive naming rights jinxing companies?
Posted In: kodak

Seriously, put down the phone while driving

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said today he wants carmakers to come up with devices that would disable gadgets in the car.
Posted In: distracted driving

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