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Comcast’s merger with Time Warner cable will create the biggest cable company in the nation – if not the world. If it goes through, it would leave few competitors for Comcast in the cable business.  Plus, how "seasonally adjusted" works in economic statistics – since this winter season is adjusting a lot of economic behavior in much of the country. Finally, Verizon has responded to the competition by cutting prices, adding more data and international texting with a new "More Everything" plan. As smartphones become ubiquitous – are mobile companies forced to focus less on bringing in new users and more on picking off customers from competitors?

More barges carrying oil down the Mississippi River

Austin Golding runs Golding Barge Lines out of Vicksburg, Miss.

Why a health insurance company entered the housing market

Taking action on research suggesting health has a lot to do with where you live

What's in a name for

A rose by any other name wouldn't smell as sweet for CEO Jim McCann.
Posted In: Valentine's Day, flowers

Trading tweets for designer perfume at Fashion Week

Social media currency that can be exchanged for actual products
Posted In: Fashion Week, Twitter, Marc Jacobs

What seasonally adjusted data does and doesn't mean

Retail numbers out today don’t look great, sales fell by 0.4 percent in January— when you take into account “seasonal adjustment”.
Posted In: Unemployment, seasonally adjusted data, weather

Verizon enters the price wars

As competitors amp up their game, Verizon strategizes
Posted In: Verizon, mobile devices

Comcast's competition isn't cable companies -- it's Netflix

Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable will create the biggest cable company in the nation – if not the world
Posted In: Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Mergers and Acquisitions

Valentine's Day romance and a Ferris wheel ride

Marketplace Datebook for Friday, February 14, 2014
Posted In: Valentine's Day, Ferris wheel

Bridging a perception gap in, and about, Silicon Valley

A look at class divisions through public transportation and education.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, Google, code for america, technology, coding, San Francisco

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