Marketplace for Thursday, Feb 21, 2008

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CEO keeps growing new ventures

Some of the Internet economy's leading-edge companies were born at high-tech incubator Idealab. And then came the dot-com bust. Idealab survived but it's taken a new direction. Kai Ryssdal talks with CEO Bill Gross in Conversations From the Corner Office.

Commercial real estate also suffering

Commercial real estate has been hit with a 90% drop in sales in the last year due to the subprime crisis. And now developers are having to pay higher borrowing costs, which could mean higher rents and lower tax revenues. Lisa Napoli reports.

NFL turns job fair into profits

The National Football League's annual job fair, known as the scouting combine, gives prospects a chance to show their stuff. It's also turned into a revenue opportunity. Kai Ryssdal talks with business of sports commentator Ed Derse about the money behind the combine.
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Crisis can lead to affordable housing

The threat of foreclosure has hit millions of Americans. But commentator Angela Glover Blackwell says the housing bust may finally put affordable homes within reach, allowing communities to rebuild.
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Pro-Clinton group launches ad campaign

Some of Sen. Hillary Clinton's wealthy supporters have reached the legal limit on donating to her campaign. So they've started an independent group that's running ads in Ohio and Texas that argue her case. Steve Henn reports.
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Did Societe Generale know of illicit trading?

Societe Generale reported that Jerome Kerviel, the rogue trader, cost the company around $5 billion. Though the company claims he did the trading on his own, an internal report revealed he had received big bonuses. Stephen Beard reports.

The death of the auction-rate market?

Bond issuers and banks are joining with big-time investors in getting out of the auction-rate securities market which, among other things, has helped state and local governments fund public works projects. Bob Moon reports.
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