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Which political party do Americans prefer right now, and who are the year's most admired men and women? Jeremy Hobson gets the answers in the latest Attitude Check with Gallup. U.S. ethanol subsidies are set to expire in January, and sustainability correspondent Scott Tong looks at the myths surrounding another energy source, Canada's oil sands. A Chinese Internet company could try to buy Yahoo. The Occupy message is spreading to church sermons. Commentator Kristina Wong offers her predictions for what New Year's Eve 2012 will be like. And Stephen Beard takes a look back at the tumulutous year for Europe.

Preaching the Occupy gospel -- or not

Some sermons praise Occupy for raising concern about those in need. Other pastors say Jesus did not endorse an economic or political view.
Posted In: Occupy Wall Street, Occupy, religion

2012: The year in review (that's not a typo)

Commentator Kristina Wong gives her summary of the year that was... 2012, a few months early.
Posted In: What Now?, 2012

Should China's Alibaba be allowed to buy Yahoo?

Chinese Internet giant Alibaba wants full ownership of Yahoo. But national security concerns might stop any deal.
Posted In: Yahoo, China, alibaba

America's opinion on Washington before the Iowa caucuses

How do Americans feel about all the GOP candidates before next Tuesday? Also, Gallup's most admired people of 2011, and gauging support for the Democrats and the Republicans after the payroll tax cuts showdown.
Posted In: politics, 2012 election, Iowa, business

2011 in review: Europe's debt crisis

The continent has had a dramatic year. The debt crisis seems to be in check right now, but there’s no telling what might happen next year.
Posted In: 2011, Europe debt crisis, euro

A Super PAC switches GOP candidate support

Citizens for a Working America had once planned to support Michele Bachmann. It then bought an ad in Iowa for Mitt Romney's campaign.
Posted In: GOP, 2012 election, super PAC, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann

Ethanol subsidy set to expire

The decades-old tax credit goes away this weekend, without anyone really noticing.
Posted In: ethanol, tax subsidy

Keystone XL oil sands myths and half-truths

As a White House decision looms in February, analysts fact-check the Keystone XL pipeline debate.
Posted In: Keystone pipeline

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