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Now that the New York Stock Exchange has been bought, what does it mean for investors? Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year, which gives shoppers -- and retailers -- an extra weekday for finding that last-minute gift. The demand for architects is on the rise. Shaquille O’Neal announced he will launch a new vodka called Luv Shaq. Stephen Beard follows the rise of Shahid Nazir from fish monger in London to a worldwide Youtube sensation. And we hear the story of a man who, after serving 13 years in prison, found out he owed the city of Philadelphia almost $42,000.

Fishman goes from market stall to musical stardom

London fish vendor Shahid Nazir sang the praises of his produce so musically that it led to a song, a record deal and Internet stardom, but he might prove a one-hit wonder.
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The art of checking in

Tips for your next hotel stay from a long-time hotelier.
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Philadelphia collects court debt decades later

Since 2010, the courts of Philadelphia have embarked on a massive debt collection from ex-offenders. It’s an attempt to collect on $1.5 billion in old fees, fines and forfeited bail owed to the criminal justice system.
Posted In: Wealth and Poverty, prison, Crime, debt, Philadelphia

Drink up at the Luv Shaq, baby

Basketball great Shaquille O'Neal puts his big name on a new brand of vodka.
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Stores make the most of long shopping season

Christmas is on a Tuesday this year, meaning procrastinators get an extra day at the beginning of next week to finish up their shopping. And because Thanksgiving was as early as it could be this year, it's an extra-long holiday season for retailers.
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NYSE's new parent is from Atlanta

It's another sign the global business world has become less centralized and more diffuse. The company poised to buy the New York Stock Exchange for more than $8 billion is based not in a world financial center, but in Atlanta.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions, NYSE

A sign of recovery: More work for architects

Architects were slammed by the fiscal crisis and recession. Now an index of their billings shows work coming back as developers proceed with projects.
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Health, drugs and rock 'n' roll

A new study out today confirms what parents already know: Don't let your babies grow up to be rock 'n' roll stars.
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