Marketplace for Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Marketplace for Thursday, December 16, 2010

How much are tech companies really worth?

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are creating a lot of buzz -- and a lot of money. According to a big investment today, Twitter is worth nearly $4 billion. Steve Henn does the math.

Does the economy need more stimulus?

As the tax bill makes its way through Congress today, some worry that the stimulus provided by the tax breaks may be too much, but others say that without it, we'd be worse off. John Dimsdale reports.

Gov't lays out plans for giant solar farms

The federal government today proposed new rules for solar farms to be built over public lands out west. But with the giant farms covering acres and acres of land, it could cause a debate over habitat protection.
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Cap on debit interchange fees could lead to other costs

The Federal Reserve today announced that it wanted to cap debit interchange fees, the money banks often charge retailers when consumers use their debit cards. The cap could cost banks billions in revenue, but as Jeff Tyler reports, they'd find other ways to make it up.
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Super Bowl ads sell out may mean more confident companies

After slow sales for ad spots in past Super Bowls, companies are back with the vengeance. Ad spots have been sold out for months. Marketplace's Jennifer Collins reports.
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The value of being happy at work

Imagine if your boss encouraged you to take that break. You may be happier and more productive at your job. Kai Ryssdal talks to some folks at Sony Pictures who implemented that idea.
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Is farmland the next real estate bubble?

The value of farmland is at an all-time high -- and it's still rising. Investors are snapping up agricultural land -- should they be concerned about another disastrous bubble burst?
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The best business books of 2010

At the end of the year, Marketplace takes a look at the best business books of 2010. We asked six of our regular contributors to share their picks for favorite business books of the year. And Kai offers his own suggestions for 2010's best reads.
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