Marketplace for Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007

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Realtors adapt as red-hot market cools

Not long ago a broker could sell a house without trying very hard. But times have really changed. Lisa Napoli explores the new reality for realtors in the once red-hot market known as Greater Los Angeles.
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Do steroid findings weaken scandals?

A report earlier this week said tests done on 50 over-the-counter supplements showed traces of steroids in 13 of them. And those traces weren't mentioned on the labels. Business of sports analyst Diana Nyad talks with Kai Ryssdal about the Marketplace side of the story.
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Stop bashing Boras for doing his job

Superagent Scott Boras has just gotten his client, outfielder Andruw Jones, the fifth-highest average salary in baseball history: $36 million for two years with the L.A. Dodgers. Boras is often blamed for rising player paychecks. But commentator Dan Drezner says that's wrong-headed.
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New York's MTA puts new plan on track

New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority is planning to overhaul its management structure in an effort to improve the upkeep and performance of its sprawling subway and rail system. Amy Scott reports.
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Japan looks to become a big investor

Japan is considering starting a $100 billion, state-owned investment fund to be used to buy everything from companies to commodities around the globe. Jeff Tyler reports.

Putting a freeze to mortgage meltdown

The White House unveiled its official response to the subprime crisis today -- a rate freeze for some of the 2 million adjustable rate mortgages that are going to move higher over the next two years. Bob Moon has the details.
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S. America set to launch 'Banco del Sur'

South America is going to launch its own development bank this weekend. The hope for Banco del Sur -- the Bank of the South -- is that it will spur economic growth in poorer countries like Bolivia and Ecuador. Dan Grech reports.
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