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Following on Bank of America's $16 billion settlement with federal regulators, Mark looks at this broader question, “After five years and dozens of settlements, where are we?" We look at what reassurances homeowners, investors, and governments now have. Plus, Russia is banning food imports from the West as retaliation against sanctions. How will this effect U.S. agriculture, which  was already hit last year by a ban on beef imports because of an additive used here. Finally, we chat with the studio behind "Sharknado" and many, many other great bad movies.

Russia swore off our chicken legs. But not to worry.

Russia's sanctions against importing food from the West shouldn't affect the U.S.
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Bank of America

Bank of America settles: So we're all good now, right?

What reassurances do homeowners, investors, and governments now have?
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Wall Street tobacco deals left states in billions of debt

Politicians wanted upfront cash from a victory over Big Tobacco, and bankers obliged.
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President Obama is about 35 hours behind schedule

The Washington Post added up how late he's been through 2014.
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