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What happens when fact-checkers have to check fact-checkers? Gallup's Frank Newport talks about what Americans think about the two presidential candidates. With college becoming more and more expensive, many students are looking for new paths to enter into their chosen career. Another elusive Apple secret is out in the open: their customer service manual. Sears, one of the oldest members of the Standard & Poor's 500, is getting the boot. Pandora, the online streaming music service, is trying to back new legislation to lower their royalty charges. And Kai Ryssdal talks to culinary historian and author Andrew F. Smith about his new book on tuna.

India's 'Demographic Dividend' only good if there's growth

India has a much younger population than many developed countries, but this “demographic dividend” is a only a good thing when young people can find work.
Posted In: India

Americans split on who they think will win the election

Do the Republican and Democratic conventions have an impact on Election Day?
Posted In: politics, 2012 election, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, conventions

Apple's 'genius' manual for customer service

A training manual for Apple's "Genius Bar" obtained by Gizmodo reveals a real-world orientation: customer service.
Posted In: apple, customer service

Pandora seeks lower royalties for musicians

To boost profits, the music streaming service is pushing a bill in the House of Representatives that would cut payments to musicians. A coalition representing recording artists plans to fight back with an anti-Pandora PR campaign.
Posted In: pandora, musician, royalties

Standard & Poor's 500 drops Sears

The prestigious corporate club says the big retailer's stock, which has been listed on the S&P since the 1950s, is no longer representative of the index.
Posted In: S&P 500 index, Standard & Poor's, Sears

How do we know what politicians say is true?

Fact-checking is a growing industry, but does it pay off?
Posted In: facts, 2012 election, politics

How Americans came to love the lowly tuna

Author Andrew F. Smith explores how Americans became canned tuna's biggest fans.
Posted In: tuna, fishing industry, lunch staple

Utility tries to head off 'Silver Tsunami'

The northern California utility Pacific Gas & Electric is hoping to lure a new, younger workforce ahead of the retirement of many of its workers.
Posted In: Youth Radio, young workers, youth

Romney campaign pays for #BelieveInAmerica

The promoted Twitter hashtag is the first paid for by a presidential campaign.
Posted In: Mitt Romney, 2012 campaign

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