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Ferguson Police
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Among the many striking images from the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, are those of local and state police using military-style weapons and gear. But it’s not unique to this St. Louis suburb. It’s part of a trend among local law enforcement since the 1990’s. We explain what’s behind it. Plus, Walmart has invited dozens of small and medium sized companies to a junket in Denver. It wants to convince them to do business with the retailer. But small firms are often reluctant to get into bed with Wal-Mart, as the retailer’s demands are often so overwhelming that they can end up smothering its smaller partners. Also, German car maker Daimler is offering its staff the option of turning off email while on vacation. All employees can now switch their mailbox off altogether, have all messages deleted, and send an auto-reply offering an alternative contact. Will employees return to work refreshed from a break with no office-related hassles? Are they more productive if they don’t have to wade through thousands of emails when they get back? Or will they stress out over what they missed?
Wal-Mart market

Why won't small firms work with Wal-Mart?

Some small firms find their deals with Wal-Mart more valuable than their worth.
Posted In: Wal-Mart, business, Small Business

Why Ferguson's police department uses military weapons

The federal government helps local law enforcement acquire military equipment.
Posted In: Ferguson, police, weapons

Porsche designs new model to woo women

Porsche hopes their new Macan will diversify their nearly all-male customer base.
Posted In: women, auto industry, auto sales

Headlines that make you go, 'Wait... what?'

Kai's idea for a new Marketplace segment.
Posted In: harvard, robotics, Wall Street Journal
keyboard delete

Daimler and the disappearing emails

Employees now have the option to delete all email that arrives during vacation.
Posted In: business, email, German, holiday

Ski bums priced out of resort towns

The high cost of housing means those who usually work there are priced out.
Posted In: seasonal hiring, resort, Housing

Building a school with a future

How to design a school that will still be functional in 30 years.
Posted In: edtech, future, architects, architecture, school design, News

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