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Michigan's right-to-work law recently took effect. It's the latest blow to U.S. organized labor.  But there is one industry where union membership is actually growing. We take a behind-the-scenes look. Plus, the politics of the Keystone XL pipeline are heating up again. A recent spill in Arkansas has environmental activists saying, we told you so. Meanwhile, opponents in the President's own party are donating big money to oppose the pipeline. And what's the difference between a bone-in pork loin chop and a pork loin top loin chop? The meat industry doubts you know ... or care. In an effort to increase sales, it's about to roll out a new labeling system.  

Big Data creates big industry for storing data

Every purchase, online web search and even cellphone call generates data that companies hope to use to boost sales. But storing all that data is becoming a big expense, and it has spawned a multibillion-dollar industry.
Posted In: data storage, technology, Amazon, ebay, Google

When is a pork chop not a pork chop?

What's a beef shoulder top blade steak? How about a bone-in pork loin chop? The meat industry's worried you don't know and is rolling out a new labeling plan

Film unions buck labor's struggles

Film unions flex muscle in efforts to expand production tax credits
Posted In: film industry, movie, Labor Unions

Samsung takes the floor at Best Buy

Smartphone maker Samsung announces it's opening a branded store of its own -- inside the big box retailer.
Posted In: big box stores, Best Buy, samsung

In the European debt crisis, size matters

Europe's debt crisis started in Greece. Now, residents in the tiny countries of Luxembourg, Slovenia and Malta are worried they're the next stop.
Posted In: slovenia, Malta, Luxembourg, Europe, debt

Political intelligence or insider trading?

The Government Accountability Office is releasing a new report on the so-called 'political intelligence' industry -- a growing arm of investment research.
Posted In: politics, political intelligence, insider trading

Oil spills, pipelines, and angry environmentalists, oh my!

The latest oil spill in Arkansas has environmentalists up in arms over how Big Oil transports their product.
Posted In: pipelines, Keystone XL, Oil

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