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Twenty years after the L.A. riots, economic mobility is still hard to come by for low-income black and Latinos. Mitchell Hartman reports on how neighborhoods affected by the unrest have recovered. Chrysler had its best quarter since emerging from bankruptcy, while Nintendo posted its first-ever loss. For the first time under the Affordable Care Act, some health insurers are paying back part of consumer premiums. And we have our latest Attitude Check with Gallup.

Economic mobility in South L.A., two decades later

Twenty years after the L.A. riots, many residents who move up the economic ladder move out of South L.A.
Posted In: Wealth and Poverty, los angeles, Latino community, African American

Health insurers make premium paybacks

Policyholders and employers in several states will get money back from their health care providers. It's all part of a plan to spend a bigger share of health care premiums on actual health care.
Posted In: health care, premium

Nintendo reports first annual operating loss

Pioneer electronic game developer Nintendo loses its edge as Apple products and smart phones become popular for gaming.
Posted In: nintendo, video games

Ted Williams auction pulls in fans, investors

Ted Williams memorabilia goes on sale at Fenway Park, a chance to consider why we buy collectibles in the first place.
Posted In: baseball, auctions

Chrysler's profits drive ahead

Sales are up about 40 percent over last quarter. Chrysler's CEO may have something to do with it, say analysts.
Posted In: Chrysler, Auto

How healthy is a country's economy?

Commentator Ruchir Sharma says just look at how its billionaires made their money.
Posted In: billionaires, wealth

Rupert Murdoch's U.K. testimony draws U.S. interest

Murdoch tells a U.K. government inquiry he didn’t know about phone hacking at one of his British newspapers. U.S. investigators are watching closely.
Posted In: News of the World, News Corp., Rupert Murdoch

College football's BCS may be on its way out

Word is, the BCS will be no longer exist after the 2014 season, and the 'P' word -- playoff -- is being uttered amongst football commissioners.
Posted In: college sports, BCS Championship

Are Americans confident in their economic futures?

Gallup's latest surveys asked how Americans were feeling about their personal finances, and whether they think they'll be able to retire comfortably.
Posted In: consumer confidence, Retirement

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