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The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico two years ago this coming Saturday. The cleanup effort continues to this day, and there still is a lot of debate about where all that oil went. Gallup editor-in-chief Frank Newport reveals where Americans are investing their money. Here's a hint: it's not stocks. The Obama administration said Wednesday that it would vastly expand the use of competitive bidding to buy medical equipment for Medicare beneficiaries. And "Good Morning America" unseated the "Today" show for the highest-rated morning show last week.

Medicare meets the bidding war

After a yearlong experiment, Medicare will start shopping like the rest of the federal government. It will use a competitive bidding process for medical supplies.
Posted In: Medicare

How average shareholders can take on the big banks

A peek inside annual meetings for the big banks, where small shareholders get to talk directly to executives.
Posted In: shareholders, Citigroup, Banks

Germany's business boom vs. France's baby boom

Germany is ticking along, as the rest of Europe struggles. But it faces a shrinking population.
Posted In: Germany, France

'Today' show loses top rating held since 1995

ABC’s "Good Morning America" beats NBC’s "Today" show in ratings. More than bragging rights, the change could affect advertising dollars.
Posted In: Entertainment, tv, Good Morning America, Today show

Activists take on Bank of America with fake website

"Your Bank of America" offers fake customer testimonials that take aim at the major institution's marketing and brand.
Posted In: Bank of America, satire

Where today's Americans are investing their money

Hint: It's not the stock market.
Posted In: Investing

What happened to the oil from the BP spill?

2010's Gulf oil spill put almost 5 million barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Where did it all go?
Posted In: bp oil spill, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf oil spill

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