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Many U.S. communities had been fighting to get fertilizer plants nearby. It brings plenty of jobs to town. With the accident in Texas, are they rethinking their hopes? Bill cramming, those strange charges on your phone bill, is back and mobile. The FTC has started taking a crack at these services.

Can other states learn from the "economic genius" of Texas?

Erica Grieder, author of "Big Hot, Cheap and Right," on what the rest of the country can learn from the economic genius of Texas.
Posted In: texas, state economies

As PC sales fall, supercomputers soar

Supercomputing are in hot demand. But not just from governments and large companies. Smaller businesses facing complex challenges are seeking some of the faster computers in the world.
Posted In: supercomputer

NYC parking nightmare could get worse, fines for painting curbs

Parking can be so bad in New York City, some frustrated residents have taken to reserving spots by painting the curb. Now, they could see higher fines.
Posted In: parking, New York City

No classes needed: Southern New Hampshire University emphasizes skills

Students at Southern New Hampshire University can now receive federal financial aid for a "self-paced online program" with no traditional courses or professors. It’s all about mastering competencies. Will it work?
Posted In: online education, Southern New Hampshire University, online degrees

An old scam becomes new again: Bill-cramming scams are going mobile

Unauthorized charges for things like dating advice and horoscopes are making their way to more cell phone bills. And now the FTC is cracking down.
Posted In: Bill cramming, mobile phone, text messages, cell phone, FTC

Texas explosion raises concerns for other towns eying fertilizer plants

Small communities are fighting to get fertilizer factories to locate nearby. After the West, Texas, explosion, some people who live near proposed plants are reconsidering the risk.
Posted In: fertilizer plants, texas, Illinois, Iowa

Rethinking how the inflation rate is calculated

Every month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics sends hundreds of workers out to stores to gather prices of about 80,000 goods and services. But there's a new computer program that combs through the Internet and grabs prices.
Posted In: inflation

Checks sent to foreclosure victims are bouncing

Thankfully, it seems it's just a paperwork snafu.
Posted In: foreclosure, Housing

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