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McDonald’s says wants to be faster and friendlier after a report called them otherwise. We ask a few customers how fast they want their fast food. Also in food, gluten-free diets are all the rage and it's becoming a booming industry. Then, from the Wealth and Poverty desk, we wonder if social security benefits should be targeted toward the poor. Should the well-off benefit?

Ready, fire, aim: Why Silicon Valley shoots from the hip

After embarrassing misstatements during the launch of a Mark Zuckerberg nonprofit, hear why blunders like this can happen in Silicon Valley, the capital of social media.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, Mark Zuckerberg, Immigration

Young, with a juvenile record, and looking for work

More cities and states consider laws that would "ban the box" that job applicants check if they've been convicted of a crime.
Posted In: Jobs, ban the box

What if you got less Social Security if you didn't need it as much?

Current recipients have different reactions. Some scholars say basing the amount of payments on need could make the program less popular.
Posted In: Social Security, Medicare, seniors, budget

McDonald's demands swifter service with a smile

McDonald’s faces rising complaints about unfriendly and slow service. So the burger reportedly plans to get employees to step on the accelerator and turn up the charm.
Posted In: fast food, McDonald's, customer service

States and cities take gun laws into their own hands with tax plans

While Congress struggles with gun legislation in the wake of Newtown, states and municipalities are taking the lead, many with tax proposals
Posted In: guns, Newtown, Congress, Taxes

What's so great about austerity, anyway?

The idea that government should be balance its budget and stay out of the way has been around a long time. It's gained ascendance in Washington even as more economists agree the government should spend more and help the economy.
Posted In: budget, austerity

Gluten-free has its day, and restaurants respond

The notion that gluten-free is good has worked its way onto menus and into prepared foods.
Posted In: Food, diet

Six diet-related lifestyle changes: Which works for you?

Gluten-free diets are picking up steam, but they're not alone. We pin six more common lifestyle and diet changes.
Posted In: diet, Health

Egyptians turn to 'gray market' for dollars

A foreign currency shortage has Egyptians turning to informal dollar exchanges to keep businesses going.
Posted In: Egypt

A third of Americans like doing their taxes

Thirty-four percent of Americans "like or love" doing their taxes, according to a new survey from the Pew Center for the People and the Press.
Posted In: Taxes

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