Marketplace for September 6, 2011

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Marketplace for September 6, 2011

The biggest jobs losers

The U.S. has lost 6.9 million jobs over the last three years. From where might surprise you.
Posted In: Jobs

Parsing the language of "jobs" and "work"

With all the recent talk about unemployment and the economy, what do the actual words about work and jobs mean anymore?
Posted In: Jobs

Jobless data show only part of economic pain

The government's unemployment statistics tells us a lot -- but not everything -- about the health of the U.S. economy and its workforce.
Posted In: Jobs

The economic legacy of 9/11

What are the true costs of September 11?
Posted In: Economy

Freakonomics: Preventing a hurricane

We know what causes hurricanes and how to deal with their symptoms, but not actually how to prevent the storms from happening in the first place. An invention firm may have come up with a 'hurricane vaccine.'
Posted In: Environment

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