Marketplace for September 28, 2011

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Marketplace for September 28, 2011

Health care workers make for confident consumers

Detroit's growing health care workforce may help turn the Motor City around.
Posted In: Health

Google invests in rooftop solar

The Internet company expands its investment in green energy, now with an eye on the residential power market.

Deaths from tainted cantaloupe mount

Cantaloupe contaminated with bacteria has killed at least 13 Americans. As the toll likely rises, how long will it take for the melon industry?
Posted In: Food

Letters: Dynamic pricing, education reform

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: On dynamic pricing, why conferences cost so much, and what needs to change in education.

Family Dollar stores ramping up

Family Dollar beat fourth quarter expectations and plans to open up to 500 new outlets next year. The chain has a recipe for what it's doing.
Posted In: Retail

Amazon unveils Kindle Fire

The tablet could be the first real rival to the iPad.

Can Germany afford to say 'nein' to eurozone plan?

The German parliament faces a big decision on whether to bail out Greece again. If Germany decides not to help, there could be devastating consequences.

Reacting to a recession

The Great Recession has changed the way many conservatives talk about economic policy.

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