Marketplace for September 13, 2011

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Marketplace for September 13, 2011

Europe's economic crisis has deep roots

The Obama administration is increasingly concerned about the debt crisis in the eurozone. But some of its roots stem from American shores.
Posted In: Banks

Increasing gas mileage by 'hypermiling'

Test-driving "hypermiling," a way of increasing gas mileage by using specific techniques in driving. It could help ease the burden at the pump.

President's jobs package has a flipside

Extending payroll tax cuts and other proposals in the jobs package might sound good in the short-term. But there are some long-term implications.
Posted In: Jobs

New medical codes offer more detail

Walked into a lamppost? Yeah, there's a medical code for that. The Wall Street Journal's Anna Mathews discusses why the medical coding system is getting a makeover.
Posted In: Health

Targets swings high and lo

Designer meets deep discounts in a strategic double play.
Posted In: Retail

Refugees in France stuck in limbo

The Arab Spring unleashed a tidal wave of migration in the Middle East. Most of them -- some 15,000 -- wound up in France. So what happened to them?

Poverty numbers climb

New census numbers say record number of Americans live below the poverty line.
Posted In: Economy

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