Marketplace Report for Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Marketplace Report for Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cities can't afford loans for basics

Local governments are feeling the pinch from the credit crisis. Water, sewer and road repairs are taking a backseat as governments try to scrounge up enough cash to keep cities running. Sylvia Maria Gross reports.
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The Marketplace mailbox this week received not only comments, but questions -- good ones. Kai Ryssdal rounds up Senior Business Correspondent Bob Moon to answer some of them.

Tech advances fuel solar industry

The credit crisis is taking its toll on businesses, but there's optimism in the solar energy sector. Sarah Gardner reports that new technolgies and cheaper materials have improved solar's market potential.
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Where's this bailout cash coming from?

The Fed soon starts lending directly to corporations, plus it's pledged unlimited dollars to foreign central banks. So, just how much is this gonna cost, and where's the Fed getting the money? Steve Henn finds out.
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Can cheap commodities be a bad thing?

With oil prices slipping below $75, prices for corn, gold and other commodities are also down. That's good news for consumers, but what about the overall economy? Will it spark inflation? Nancy Marshall Genzer has answers.
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Now, the shipping news is bad

The latest indication of global economic slowdown comes from something called the Baltic Dry Index. It tracks the price of hauling commodities like oil and grain. Those prices are at the lowest point in five years. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Santa could be hauling a lighter load

The economy is keeping shoppers out of stores and retail numbers prove it. They dropped to a three-year low. The downward trend is likely to keep holiday shopping lists on the small side this year. Danielle Karson has more.
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Can bailouts keep panic at bay?

The bailout plans from the U.S. and other countries do seem to be calming nerves in the financial sectors at least a little bit. Kai Ryssdal asks MIT economist Simon Johnson if this is the beginning of the end.
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