Marketplace Report for Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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Marketplace Report for Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A road trip to see how America is doing

Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland and New York City Bureau Chief Amy Scott are crossing the country to see how Americans are doing. They get our "Road to Ruin?" series rolling by talking to Kai Ryssdal from San Francisco and Charlotte, N.C.
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Bailout dissenter talks about Senate bill

After the financial rescue plan failed in the House, Kai Ryssdal checked in with Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio to talk about his No vote. Now that the Senate has come up with a new version, Kai calls him back.
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Credit Crisis Confusion: the one-act play

Just how did we get into this credit crisis? The ongoing story is full of confusing terms and obscure financial products. Even the sellers didn't know what they were. The Marketplace Players try some out.
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Inside the credit crunch

Money for loans is available; it's just that it costs a lot of money to borrow it. So, for many businesses, the credit crunch is very real. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Why Main Street hates Wall Street

A majority in the House voted against the financial rescue bill, in part, because they were swamped with calls from angry constituents. Kai Ryssdal asks behavioral economist Dan Ariely why Americans want revenge.

House Republicans want another try

The House rescue plan failed by only 12 votes. Now, a block of House Republicans wants to rewrite the bill with a more market-based approach. Nancy Marshall Genzer finds out what that includes.

Senate sweetens the rescue bill

To attract more votes to their version of the rescue plan, Senate leaders added items to the bill that was rejected by the House, in hope of winning votes. Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale has more.
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Exactly what is 'mark-to-market'?

Part of the Senate's financial rescue plan would suspend something called "mark-to-market" rules of accounting. Jeremy Hobson explains what that "something" is and what would happen if it went away.
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