Marketplace Report for Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Marketplace Report for Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What some voters had to say

The turnout on election day was huge -- highest in 45 years. So voters clearly were passionate about this election. Some of them told us what they want to see in the new Obama administration.
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Will 'free the chickens' crusade spread?

The egg-laying chickens of California will get roomier accommodations under Proposition 2, which passed by a wide margin. Sarah Gardner reports on what could be the start of a national animal rights movement.
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Rich prepare for Obama's tax plan

Barack Obama's promise to raise taxes on top income earners has businesses and wealthy individuals rushing to take advantage of tax breaks before new rules take effect. Jeff Tyler has more.
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In Europe, it's Obama-mania

International opinion widely favored Sen. Barack Obama. So now that he's been elected, how is the rest of the world reacting? Kai Ryssdal gets feedback from London Bureau Chief Stephen Beard.
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Markets suffer post-election slump

A post-election good mood could be felt around the country, but what's Wall Street all grumpy about? To figure out why the markets retreated, Kai Ryssdal called trader Bernie McSherry.
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Obama needs to work with Bush team

Commentator David Frum says there may be a political advantage for President-elect Obama to wait until January to deal with economic issues, but the country can't afford it.
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Obama can't change Washington alone

Americans spoke loudly for change, particularly in D.C. politics. That includes lobbyists and pork seekers. Commentator Robert Reich urges Obama to enlist his campaign network and grassroots activists for the job.

What Obama can do to create jobs

Throughout the campaign, voters voiced concern about jobs and rising unemployment. Nancy Marshall Genzer looks at what the Obama administration might do to help create employment opportunities.
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The new president's unenviable job

Tremendous economic problems await the new president, from the deficit to unemployment. To find out what President Obama's to-do list is going to look like, we're joined by Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale.
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