Marketplace Report for Monday, September 6, 2008

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Marketplace Report for Monday, September 6, 2008

Hope comes to struggling Youngstown

Amy Scott visits Youngstown, Ohio, which is known to have the highest foreclosure rate in the U.S., in our continuing series, "Road to Ruin?" Amy learns GM's plans to make the new Cruze automobile nearby is giving the city some hope.
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Denver voters and the federal bailout

Tess Vigeland spent the weekend in Denver working on "Road to Ruin?" our series on how Americans are faring. Colorado is one of the big swing states, and she asks if the economy will affect how people vote.
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Home price cuts for Coldwell fire sale

Coldwell Banker Real Estate is planning to slash home prices up to 10% across the nation, based on agreements with home sellers, to try to boost slumping sales. Janet Babin has more.
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Lehman's fall set off market bonfires

Lehman Brothers was so interconnected within the financial sector that when it failed, experts tell reporter Nancy Marshall Genzer, markets and financial institutions faced huge losses.
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Fear sends global markets reeling

The word of the day for the state of the global stock markets was "disarray," European Bureau Chief Stephen Beard tells host Kai Ryssdal. Doubt over the U.S. government rescue plan sent markets plummeting worldwide.
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Markets react negatively to bailout pace

Stocks take another dive, as markets show their impatience and lack of confidence in the financial bailout measures to be taken by the Treasury. Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale asked financial experts what's going on.
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Main Street gets government help too

Bailout supporters took a lot of heat for handing that cash over to Wall Street. But commentator and economist Andrew Samwick argues it's actually Main Street that's usually on the receiving end of government help.
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