Marketplace Report for Monday, November 3, 2008

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Marketplace Report for Monday, November 3, 2008

Publishers rush to get crisis books out

As readers hunger for information about the financial crisis, publishers are hurrying to get new business books on the table. And old ones, too. Sally Herships learns that's not so easy to do.
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Getting serious about human waste

The subject of human waste doesn't come up much. Too icky. But a new book warns of the perils of ignoring the subject. Kai Ryssdal talks with Rose George, author of "The Big Necessity."
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The growing market for political futures

Forget the Gallup Poll and the shouting heads on MSNBC and Fox. Go to, a so-called "prediction market" with a record of calling races. Kai Ryssdal asks two political experts about gambling on politics.

Credit card crisis on the horizon

Next up in financial crisis headlines: credit cards. Delinquencies on card payments are on the rise and consumers are cutting back on credit card use. Neither is good for credit card companies. Rachel Dornhelm reports
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Is the ethanol industry tanking?

Ethanol's future as alternative fuel isn't looking so bright right now. Goldman Sachs has abandoned analysis of the industry and the largest publicly traded producer has filed for bankruptcy protection. Steve Henn has more.
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Financial crisis is spoiling organics

Organic food might be good for your health but, as a consumer, it's not so good for your budget. High-end Whole Foods market is cutting expansion plans in response to a more frugal shopping public. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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More and more banks want in on bailout

If the bailout made some banks uneasy at first, they got over it. Thousands of banks are lining up for the funds now. Steve Henn reports the idea of using the money to buy other banks is a motivator.
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