Marketplace Report for Friday, October 10, 2008

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Marketplace Report for Friday, October 10, 2008

Financial fallout in St. Louis, Mo.

Kai Ryssdal finds a credit-crisis snapshot in St. Louis, where developers worry about getting loans for their projects and a restaurant owner hears customers stories of lost jobs and homes.
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Where are people stashing their cash?

Panicky stockholders are pulling cash out of the market at a dizzying pace. But where is all that money going? Mattresses? Gold mines? But seriously, where? Ashley Milne-Tyte went looking.
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Missouri Senators on state of their state

Missouri Sen. Kit Bond tells Kai Ryssdal about farmers worried about loans for the next crop, public projects on hold and workers losing jobs. Fellow Sen. Claire McCaskill had similar stories, but she also sees cause for hope.

Paulson: U.S. will buy stock in banks

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said taxpayers get preferred stock and banks get cash infusion when the government purchases the stocks. Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale has more.

Wall Street's crazy, crazy week

Stockholders bailed. Bargain hunters bought. And Wall Street turned into a wild roller-coaster ride. Bob Moon tells to Kai Ryssdal what was driving the action and when it's going to settle down.

A Marketplace broadcast from 2033

Is there an end to these financial disasters? To get an answer, Rico Gagliano and the Marketplace Players went to the future and brought back tape of a Marketplace broadcast 25 years from now.
Posted In: Economy

Last stops on the 'Road to Ruin?'

Tess Vigeland and Amy Scott hook up with Kai Ryssdal in St. Louis, at the end of their road trips through the Main Streets of America. So, has Wall Street put the country on the Road to Ruin?
Posted In: Economy, Travel

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